Inspiration from Splash Fashion Royale

Posted On02 Oct 2012

It’s almost the end of the Spring/Summer season and we’re about to welcome the new season’s first chilling breeze. As the weather changes, and things start to cool down, now’s the time to revamp your wardrobe in preparation.


That’s right, we’re only a few days away from autumn, which means it’s time to take a look at the new designs for the coming season. If you enjoy looking classy yet fun, the new Splash collection is here to make your day.

The appearance of leather is a sure sign of a fast-approaching winter. Considering this, Splash made sure that
they have some fabulous upbeat dresses that also keep you warm. Who said looking pretty isn’t convenient?


This unique style is one that you must be able to pull-off comfortably before trying it out.
The bow tie with the blazer is so simple, yet so chic. It’s so classy and the tinge of colours adds some fun to the look.


Simply a head-turning look – the floral dresses somehow emphasize the femininity of the women.
Once you put that dress on, everything about you changes: the way you walk, talk and flip your hair.


Chinos with formal shoes are the must-have items for men this season. It shows off your muscles and lets you
walk like you own the city.


Old school is definitely back in fashion with tribal-looking blazers and cardigans adding life to your outfit.
It’s a pretty bold statement but beware, for only a man with style can pull it off.