Posted On24 Oct 2013


What if we told you that a new digital camera that allows you to add Instagram filters before printing out the image from a Polaroid-style printer is due to launch within a year??


Yes, you read right! Here’s welcoming the Socialmatic Instagram camera that will carry the Polaroid brand and is due to launch early in 2014.


The square shaped camera that looks exactly like the icon for the Instagram app is making all the Instagram addicts anxious to get their hands on it! However, the company says these are just concept pictures and the final form factor of the device could vary.

The camera lets users add Instragram filters before printing out their pictures as a postcard sized photograph or uploading it to the internet using built-in WiFi capability!


We’re already thinking of so many cool things to do with postcard sized pictures and the camera isn’t even released yet! A photo frame with mini sized pictures of everyday outfits are a definite must-do!

The camera is also rumored to include accessories like filters, camera bags and lenses. Are you already putting the camera on your 2014 wish list? What cool things would you do with it?