Make-up Looks for Summer

Posted On22 May 2013

Summer is back with a bang and the best way to welcome it is with that healthy sun kissed look. Invest in some bold and bright colors this season as it’s the perfect time to experiment with colors.


Pink + heat + lips = Hot Pink Lips

A hot pink pout is summer’s equivalent of the sultry red lips. It’s sexy, fun, flirty and still an attention grabber without looking over the top. Use a lip balm as a base and a pink lip liner and stain the upper and bottom lip with it.


Instead of using the lipstick tube directly on your lips, use a lip brush to apply the lipstick to your lips directly for it to last longer. Next blot, on a tissue paper and re-apply for that long lasting effect. If you have thin lips then use gloss on your lower lip for a fuller effect.


Colourful Smokey Eyes

The best thing about summer is the bright colors. Make your eyes pop by using bright and bold colors. Brighter colors also tend to last longer on your skin than the dull ones. Blue and green eye shadow works best for brown eyes while purple is great for hazel eyes. And if you have jet black eyes then don’t hesitate to go all bold and use yellows and oranges.


In order to let your eye shadow stay in place, dust some loose translucent powder over your lids before applying the eye shadow that is if you’re using a powder base eye shadow. If you’re using a cream based eye shadow, then take an ice cube and rub is over your eye lids, while it’s still moist apply a bit of moisturizer and leave it for a minute before applying the eye shadow.


A Bronzed Touch

Now even though summer is all about that gorgeous beachy tanned and glowing skin, skip all that unhealthy UV damage the sun does to your skin and fake that glow with bronzer instead. Even if you have pale skin, bronzer can work miracles for you. Bronzer not only makes your eyes brighter but it makes your teeth appear whiter as well. A little warmth on your skin, makes it look healthy.


Don’t overdo it with the bronzer though, keep it fresh and natural by applying bronzer to the high points of your face where the sun hits you like your forehead, chin, nose and cheekbones. Covering your entire face with bronzer is what gives you a baked look.


Colored Lashes

What’s more eccentric and funky than colored mascara? Swap your black and brown mascara for hues of blue, green and purple this summer. It creates an immediate stand out effect and gives your eyes a bold pop. You can also experiment with color blocking on your eyes. Choose a different shade of eye shadow and mascara to give an edge to your look.