Makeover Your Look in 2014

Posted On05 Jan 2014

Detox your wardrobe

The first step to giving your style a makeover is by giving your wardrobe a detox. Throw away all you old, worn out and tight clothes that you know you’re not going to wear. Invest in a few good pieces like a fitted jacket, an LBD, a LWD, skinny jeans and a few good tops. The key here is to remember quality over quantity!


Get a new cut

Especially if you’ve been donning the same cut for ages. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Get in touch with some friends for good stylist recommendations even if it means splurging a bit…do it! We guarantee you’ll feel much better.


Invest in a new wardrobe

Go through fashion magazines and blogs. Find a style that you think would suit you, go window shopping and experiment with different looks. Ask others for their honest opinion and most importantly find a style that not only makes you feel confident but beautiful too!


Try a new perfume

You may not know this, but a change in perfume can not only bring about a different side of you but also the way others see you. Go for something that you wouldn’t usually wear and see the difference it makes in your personality.


Invest in new accessories

Invest in classic or statement pieces that will go with a few outfits that you have. This way you can mix and match. Try new colors, styles and we suggest that a designer hand bag should be on the list too. There’s no reason for you to not feel special and stylish!