Men’s Style Guide: Splash Fashion Show AW’13

Posted On23 Sep 2013

Are you absolutely clueless about what you should wear to the Splash Fashion AW’13 show? Not to worry guys, we’ve put together a few looks that are suited for every taste and style.

Keep in mind that the fashion show dress code for the 5 pm and 7 pm show is ‘Romantic Best' while the dress code for the 10 pm show is ‘Shades of Red,’ but we figured that you wouldn’t want to be dressed top to bottom in red, would you?

Here are some looks with a hint of red that you might want to try out!


Old Romance

Remember the times of chivalry, how men would wear suspenders and top hats to go out on a date? Why not bring that look back? Add some sassy suspenders to your outfit along with a bow tie for that added oomph.


Classically in Love

There’s nothing more appealing than classics! Wear black on white formals and add a skinny red tie to complete your look. You can always incorporate some red shirt cuffs into your outfit.


A Casual Affair

 If your look is more casual, there are numerous ways that you can jazz it up for the Splash fashion show. Throw on a varsity jacket or a jersey over a red tee shirt and ad some bright red sneakers.

Now that we’ve put together some looks for you, we hope to see some red skinny ties, bright red sneakers and suspenders at the fashion show!