Must have apps of the week

Posted On11 Apr 2013

We know how hard it is to keep track of all the cool app releases every week, but our tech geeks are here to share some of the best picks in the app world. Tell us which one you can't wait to try your hand at!


Repix is a new photo-editing app for iOS that lets you customize your snapshots by “painting” on them using preset brushes. The app comes with a number of built-in brush options, including a “cartoonize” brush for turning a photo into a cartoon, and a “Charcoal” brush for making a picture look like a drawing.


Flipboard 2.0

Flipboard released a version 2.0 update this week, adding the ability to bookmark content, and have conversations around that content. Flipboard users can also create “magazines” on the service that can be shared with friends.