Nail Art DIY

Posted On17 Feb 2015

Everyone loves getting funky nail art, and it‘s even more fun when you do it yourself. Nail Art ranges and can be super easy or challenging, however regardless of your skill level there is always a style you can do. Inspired by everything from your favorite shape and colors to your favorite fashion items, nail art is just a way to express your style. Check out these fabulous and simple DIY ideas below and pick one to try out now! 
Polka-dotted nails
You don’t have to think too far ahead. Here’s a style that is fast and takes your regular manicure a little step further!  Don’t worry; you can simply make your own dotting tool for this method using things you most likely have in your house already. Just paint your nails any color, then use a toothpick dipped in another color of polish to make little dots.
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Newspaper Nails
Stand out with these super stylish nails! Start by applying a solid coat of a light, neutral color. After that soak your nail in rubbing alcohol then press a piece of newspaper firmly onto the nail. After removing the newspaper, you will find an impression of the words on your nail. Easy, fast, and totally worth it, do you agree?
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Two-tone nails
Paint your nails a base coat of any color, and use scotch tape to make a straight line for your next color. Make sure nails are completely dry before removing the scotch tape to avoid any mess. The result is simply fabulous!
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Ombre nails
Ombre is a trend that just won’t go out of fashion. The simplest method for ombre nails is to paint each nail a different color, in order from lightest to darkest. If you’re a little more daring, you can mix your own shades to ombre with on each nail. 
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