Top 5 ForeverMore Moments

Posted On06 Oct 2013

If you weren’t at the Splash ForeverMore AW’13 show then you should know that you definitely missed out on the best fashion show of the entire year! Not to worry, there’s always next year and it’s only going to get bigger and better from here on!

We’ve put together a compilation of some of the best moments from the show!


The Love Swing

The anticipation build up before the curtain rises is like no other. We felt the anxiousness amongst the crowd at the show and jaws dropped in awe as the curtains rose and all eyes fell on what we’d like to call the ‘Love Swing’ that was coupled up with a beautiful narration of what love was all about!


It’s bird….a plane…no wait it’s…

It’s a visual display of eccentricity! The model all stood in a straight line and each one was hit with a spot light making it seem like a scene straight out of a movie about UFO’s! One by one each model walked the ramp with their stylized outfits and wowed the crowd!


The LED dress

Everyone expected a show of lights at the show but what they did not expect was a dress of lights! Out walked a model glimmering and shining on the runway in a LED dress while the crowd watched on with surprised expressions!


The Finale

When Renuka Jagtiani & Raza Beig walked the ramp at the end of the show with all the models behind them and roses falling like snowflakes from above onto the runway, it was definitely a magical and lovable moment that personified the entire ForeverMore show! 


The Exclusive after Party

You might have heard the phrase, ‘There ain’t no party like the Splash after party!’ and there’s a reason why it was invented in the first place! After the finale of the ForeverMore AW’13 show, the backdrop was raised and revealed was a nightlife sanctuary that everyone rushed to! The party went on till wee hours in the morning and that’s all we’re going to say because whatever happens at the after party, stays in the after party ;)