Nude Is the New Black

Posted On31 Aug 2014

2014 is officially the year when nude colors dominated the fashion scene. Even though we all expected pastel and neon colors to rule the fashion charts, nude came in and swept us off our feet! We love how fashionistas, celebrities and fashion bloggers are owning the nude trend and with pizazz might we add! 


Want to pull off the look but not quite sure how? Check out some of the ways to add nude to your look.



Countless celebrities have recently showed up to the red carpet with elegant nude dresses, proving that nude is indeed the new black. Nude-colored dresses have even made it to the Oscars earlier this year, leaving no doubt that it’s not about playing it safe anymore, but rather trying something daring and chic that combines confidence and comfort together.



We all know that when it comes to formal wear, black sits on the throne of elegance. But now that nude colors are in, matching both together will only lead to a formula you can never go wrong with. There are countless ways to rock this combination and black colors can enhance the contrast in your outfit, making it effortlessly chic.


Nude Cardigans

For those afternoon beach walks when the weather gets a little chilly, nude cardigans are ideal. Wear them with camel colored accessories and denim for an attractive and stylish look.


Combining nude with white cardigans is also ideal for a radiant look that screams sophistication. Also, feel free to add some personal touches with some gold and silver accessories.


Nude Heels

We consider nude heels one of the best fashion trends of 2014. They can easily make any simple outfit that much more sophisticated and they fit with countless materials, colors, and even prints. Just remember to go for nude colors that are already close to your skin tone and pair them with matching clutches and you’ll be ready to go!



A final touch of nude-colored accessories will definitely perfect your look and provide the missing ingredient it needed to shine. Try nude makeup and nails if you’re still trying out the trend, but if you want to be more daring, go for nude necklaces and belts.

Whichever you choose, nude colored fashion items will ensure that you are up-to-date with what is hot this summer, although we know for a fact you already are!