Pregnant and Stylish Celebrities

Posted On26 Oct 2014

Who said pregnancy signifies the end of your fashion journey? As long as you have your unique style and confidence to shine, you will always be able to stun those around you with your look! And these stars are the perfect example as they mastered a chic and dazzling pregnancy look from casual day time to fancy red carpet chic!


Blake Lively

Blake Lively knows how to do it like no other! She is on the headline of all the media and the papparazis are genuinely enjoying capturing her utter stylish mama moments! From casual to formal, she knows the rules of how to shine. Blake appeared in a voluminous jacket and boots revealing a lot of her legs. In her first red carpet appearence after announcing her pregnancy, Blake appeared in a stunning tulle gown leaving the press and fans dazzled and speachless.


Zoe Saldana

Zoe Salfdana is by all means a stylish mother! Ever since her first few months of pregnancy, she has amazed everyone with the trendiest outfits and looks! Her style is clearly simple yet elegant. For a simple day out, Zoe chose to wear a maxi denim skirt with a casual white blouse which fitted her body, looking so elegant and so comfortable. As for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science's Hollywood Costume Exhibit, Zoe chose to wear a super feminine pink trapeze dress which she also mastered!

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Ciara is a stunner! After announcing her pregnancy, she appeared in this dazzling beige & black ensemble which shaped her body so perfectly! Ciara later wow'ed everyone in a magical appearance at the Grammy's in 2014 in her stunningly worn gold dress!

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Angelina Jolie
It has always been hard to resist Angelina Jolie's beauty, but this gets particularly harder in her custom maxi dress which she appeared in at the Kung Fu Panda premiere at the Cannes Film Festival! Jolie also knew how to pick the perfect casual day-time look with this flawless mint green dress matching her eye-color to give out a magical look!

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