Ripped jeans: Entering super-chic territory

Posted On06 Jul 2014

Jeans have always been synonymous with comfortable, practical casual wear. Whereas many other fashion trends went in and out of fashion over the past few decades, jeans have always been able to maintain a prominent position in a woman’s closet. But this summer, jeans have stepped up the game, moving from casual wear to super-chic territory.

The best thing about this trend is that it can be pulled off by anyone, is inexpensive, and makes you feel and look great. The list of celebrities who have rocked the ripped jeans is endless. Superstar Beyoncé has been seen wearing ripped jeans and styling them with a low-cut tank top and high heel combat boots. 

From Beyoncé to Angelina-Jolie to Madonna, singers, actresses, and superstars have been seen wearing ripped jeans in fashion events, movie premiers, and TV interviews.

Singer Selena Gomez has also rocked the ripped jeans with Louboutin high heels, a lace blouse and a short-sleeved jacket. 

Actress Lauren Jauregui chose to stand out with the boyfriend jeans featuring cuts that expose just the right amount of skin and combine that with high heels to enhance her glamour quotient. You can also choose subtle shreds in your jeans and enhance them using bold prints, playful colors and statement footwear.

Whichever style suits you best, rock it with confidence! For it’s the season to edgy and chic!.