Rock the Lee Cooper Look

Posted On16 May 2013


As the sweat bead trickles down your forehead and drops onto your brand new jacket, you wonder to yourself, WHY am I wearing a jacket in peak summer? Well, here’s a brand new classy but light line to avoid that situation!


Lee Cooper has the perfect new look for you with their authentic classic light but chic look. The new summer collection is everything your body craves in this heart and everything the little fashionista in you wants too! A true win-win indeed.


We’ve hand picked an outfit for both men and women to help you stay stylishly cool this summer.


Casual is back boys. If you love shorts and comfy t-shirts, (Let's face it. Who doesn't?) you are going to fall for the Lee Cooper men’s collection this season. 


Ladies, it's time to embrace the floral prints again with this sleeveless floral dress.