Sleek & Android Friendly: The First Jolla Smartphone

Posted On02 Jun 2013

When a group of engineers fled Nokia in 2012 to develop a MeeGo derived OS called starfish, they needed a vehicle to carry the software and thus the first Jolla phone was invented which is as quirky as the OS it runs and which now supports android apps.

It features an 8 megapixel camera, a 4.5-inch display, 16GB of onboard storage, dual-core processor and a microSD.  It’s most attractive feature is the contrasting removable back cover which is recognized by the phone and changes its color theme to match. What’s interesting from a design perspective about the Jolla Smartphone is the subtle different shaping of the two parts.

The battery is user replaceable thanks to Jolla’s special chassis design which allows half the phone to snap out of the other half giving access to the battery. The Jolla Smartphone is available in green, orange, light blue and white. Users are able to interchange the back covers and Jolla’s Sailfish OS will recognize which color is on and will adapt the theme of the UI to the color.

The phone will be released by year end and will only be sold online. It’s priced at approximately AED 1800.