Splash Calendar 2016 - Love For The Planet

Posted On04 Jan 2016



One thing that won’t make its comeback when it goes out of fashion, is our dearly beloved planet Earth. There’s no retro version. No vintage one you can dig out of your grandma’s old dress collection. It’s probably the only original one-of-a-kind design, and it’s our duty to make sure it lasts.



What better way to remind us of this every day than an impactful, beautifully shot, almost shocking calendar? 


That’s the thinking behind the ‘Love For The Planet’ calendar unveiled by Splash earlier this month. A calendar that combines the photographic genius of Tejal Patni and the design mastery of Furne Amato, to surrealistically highlight the challenges that modern society faces. Every. Single. Day.


Each month represents a social issue that needs our individual attention. Images include that of the sky being stitched together like a cloth, and a woman in a military camouflaged dress surrounded by pigeons of peace. Every image is a striking reminder to take responsibility for the planet we live on.


The calendar brings to life a very crucial request from Earth: handle with care. We urge you to show your commitment to the cause, by Downloading the calendar http://bit.ly/1RzXixA, and Showing your Love for the Planet by Supporting a goal here: www.splashlovefortheplanet.com