Splash Celebrity Interview: Kris and Maz Fade

Posted On06 Mar 2013

Two faces you're sure to see in the front row at a Splash Fashion Show are those of Kris Fade from Virgin radio  and his lovely wife, Maz. “I always look forward to the Splash Fashion Shows because I’m eager to see what new concepts they'll come up with next,” says Maz. But how well do these front row regulars know each other? We gave them a quiz to find out.


How well does Kris know Maz?


Splash: What's Maz’s biggest fear?

Kris: Rats! There was one in the car park a couple weeks ago and she screamed like I’ve never heard before.

Maz: No! Spiders.


Splash: What's the most played song on Maz’s iPod?

Kris: 50 Cent's Best Friend


Splash: If Maz could model one item at a Splash Fashion show, what should it be?

Kris: A tight-fitting dress with bright accessories and heels.


Splash: Maz’s most treasured possession is…

Kris: These shoes she has with red soles. I always get in trouble when I try to paint them black.


Splash: Name one talent Maz wishes she had

Kris: Cooking!


Splash: Which word or phrase does Maz use most often?

Kris: “I forgot”


Splash: Who does Maz most admire?

Kris: Her grandmother, Yia.


How well does Maz know Kris?


Splash: What is Kris’s idea of a perfect day?

Maz: Sleeping in late, relaxing at home, watching Australian football, before heading off to the beach or the pool area at The Westin.


Splash: What is Kris most likely to do at a Splash Fashion Show?

Maz: Spend time commenting on the clothes and models, and then... party!


Splash: What does Kris look for in a true friend?

Maz: Being on time, and being reliable


Splash: If Kris could change one thing about himself, what would it be?

Maz: To not be so opinionated, or to be more patient.


Splash: What or who is the greatest love of Kris’s life?

Maz: His phone!


Splash: What item of clothing would Kris be unable to live without?

Maz: His hats


Splash: Describe Kris’s fashion style in one word.

Maz: Uuuuh… “futuristic”? Haha!