Splash Gym Junkies

Posted On04 Aug 2015

It’s here, the fashion trend we all dream about – comfort and GLAM! Yes, you heard us. The world of fashion is now obsessing over having the hottest gym clothes.


Whether or not you’re a gym junkie, it’s likely that you’ll be dressing like one soon – Fitness is having a major moment in fashion and we adore it! 


Some people think the secret to getting yourself into the gym is by bringing a workout buddy, but now the truth has been revealed – it’s ALL about what you wear. So gone are the days of working out in baggy sweats and old t-shirts. Wearing the right clothes will get rid of that couch potato attitude and take you right into that gym oozing with confidence. 


Bonus alert! Our prayers have been answered - this new trend made us discover that when you feel good about yourself and your body, the motivational outcome is incredible. Seriously. All you want to do is hop into your perfect gym clothes and work that body. This feeling is so important when it comes to staying on track with fitness, and now we’ve got it. 


Luckily, here at Splash we don’t just think about you ladies. Gentlemen, we see you too! We know you guys want to show off those pecks so we’ve got an endless amount of options for you too. 


Our Kappa and Splash active sportwear is top of the range. Our collection is  never-ending, from basics to extravagancy. Splash has everything that will make you feel fit and fabulous.  

So why not take a shopping trip to buy some new gym clothes? A good outfit could just be the pick-me-up you need to hit the gym!