Splash 'Heart of Gold': 30 Days. 30 Heroes

Posted On20 May 2015

To celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, Splash offers a tribute to the spirit of humanity. At Splash, we believe that the cause of humanity is one that’s always been close to our own heart. Amongst all the wealth in the world, the most precious is a ‘Heart of Gold’.


In the world that we live in, there are those among us who give unconditionally, care selflessly, and devote their entire time in offering a helping hand without expecting anything in return; in other words, unsung heroes. 


The time has come to recognize and reward selfless heroes. Every day during Ramadan Splash will announce unsung heroes with a true ‘Heart of Gold’. 30 days. 30 heroes. Splash wants you to step up and nominate people whom you may have seen, known or heard of who strive to improve the lives of their fellow beings around them.  


All you need to do is get clicking which takes only a few minutes to nominate your hero for the Splash ‘Heart of Gold’ recognition. This is the right time to do a good deed for someone who did selfless deeds countless times. 


Think of an ordinary person who devotes time for the cause of the underprivileged, a person who helps his other fellowmen even in small little ways, or even a person who displays a sense of humanity towards stray birds and animals by caring for them. It could be a stranger, or it could be your friend.


STEP 1: Visit this link - www.splashfashions.com/heartofgold


STEP 2: Select your language: English or Arabic. After selecting, it will automatically direct you to the next page. 


STEP 3: Select any of the 3 hearts presented on the screen, which will direct you to another page. If you want to know more about what Splash ‘Heart of Gold’ is all about, click on the first heart. Choose the second heart if you want to know how to nominate an unsung hero. Lastly, choose the third heart if you’d like to nominate an unsung hero. 


STEP 4: It’s time to nominate! Fill in your details and your nominee’s details on the beige boxes below. Keep in mind to write why you chose to nominate your unsung hero, no more than 1000 words. Next, upload an image of your unsung hero. Lastly, click the “Submit Your Nomination” below. You will receive a pop up box shortly after, and you have the option to share it on Facebook or Twitter.