Splash 'Heart Of Gold': Stories Of Unity

Posted On14 Jul 2016


Where others look away, they face a tough situation head-on.
Where others fold their arms, they extend a helping hand.
Where others say it’s impossible, they push through.

They walk among us. They look like us, walk like us, talk like us. What makes them different, is how they do things. They simply do not back away from an opportunity to help others. These people have hearts of gold.

This Ramadan, a new chapter will begin for the Splash Heart Of Gold initiative as we pay homage and reward individuals who have championed the act of uniting individuals, groups or even communities. Such selfless deeds mirror our new motto of “LOVE UNITES”. To give these heroes the recognition they well deserve, we need YOU!

Nominate someone who you think should be recognized; by going to www.splashheartofgold.com

Tell us their story. Share with us their journey. Inspire everyone to follow in their footsteps. Remember, what we are looking for are stories that highlight how an act of unity made an impact on individuals, groups or communities. Additional supporting material such as photographs, videos or articles documenting the selfless act would be hugely advantageous.

Help make this Holy Month of Ramadan a time of love and unity.