Tips on Throwing the Summer Party of the Year!

Posted On10 Sep 2014

Now that Summer is coming to an end, it’s time for that one big bash that will be the talk of the town and be an ode to the 2014 summer season. Check out some fun ways of throwing an awesome summer party!

Theme it out!

By picking one fun theme to center your party around, you’ll find all of the elements of the party decor, refreshments, and even the party playlist! These are some summery suggestions that never fail: beach, Hawaiian, fiesta, bbq to name a few.


Innovative Invites

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Ditch the whatsapp groups, Facebook events and emails to your party people and instead do something fun like a flash mob invite, a mini treasure hunt around town to get to their invite that would create more anticipation towards the party.


DIY Food Stands

There’s nothing that brings people together quite like how food does. Different DIY food stands like make your own pizza, tacos, tapas etc work really well with a large group of people as it’s more fun and gets everyone involved.


Karaoke Time

Everyone loves karaoke so make sure to get the Karaoke machine out. Don’t forget props so everyone can get into the spirit of it. Have everyone team up and host a fun team Karaoke session which is sure to get the fun party meter up notches!

Cool Off


If you’re having an outdoor party, there are great ways to ensure that you’re guests have a great time. If you have a pool, then water volleyball is a good party starter otherwise get some water balloons!