Top 5 Must-Have Android Apps

Posted On15 Dec 2013



There are a lot of task managers and to-do lists in the Android market, but Any.DO rises to the top. The app makes it easy to add anything that enters your mind, but then the app lets you drag and drop that task into different folders or onto different days. This makes it as easy to add something to next week's to-do list as it is for today's to-do list.




Think of SnapPea as the iTunes for your Android Device. Install the software on your PC, tweak some phone settings, and from that point on you can use SnapPea to manage your music, photos, videos, and contacts from your desktop.




Just about any social sharing service offers some kind of photo effects, but for more sophisticated photo editing, you can't beat SnapSeed for Android. Although there are plenty of one-click filters to choose from, you can also do more detailed image manipulation. 


Fashion Style


This app brings you closer to your favorite designers, featuring designs from everyone from Alexander McQueen to Valentino and everyone in between. Review the latest trends and collections straight from the runways, and save them forever or flick them away. Great resource for the runway lovers amongst us!




One of the world’s most popular online retailers, formatted to fit your phone. Handy? Yes.
Dangerous? Definitely.