The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Swimsuit

Posted On14 Aug 2014

No season pays attention to swimsuits quite like summer does! However, one problem we’re all faced with us choosing a swimsuit that’s ideal for your body type which usually turns out to be a more difficult task than we expect it to be. The key is picking out a swimsuit that is ideal for your body type. This is your guide to picking out the perfect swimsuit this summer!



If you initially prefer one-piece swimsuits and feel more comfy in them but still want to show some skin, try the cutouts or sheer details. One-piece swimsuits with more interesting shapes are ideal for flaunting your body without showing too much.


Ideal Body Type:

This type of swimsuit is ideal for top hourglass-shaped bodies as it will add to the curviness of the waist and flaunt the torso simultaneously.



This classic swimsuit design has re-established its dominance in 2014, especially with the countless numbers of celebrities of varying body-types who have chosen them to show off a flattering figure. In solids or patterns, black or color, it's hard to go wrong with the string bikini. It is also one of the few designs that enable you to mix one color on top with another on the bottom.


Ideal Body Type:

This design is perfect for pear-body shaped women. Whether the bikini is a high-waisted or a regular one, it will definitely help brace your curves and make your waist look slimmer, enhancing your torso.



Who said a one-piece swimsuit cannot be edgy? The low-cut adds an appealing touch that shows off your voluptuousness while maintaining comfort and being trendy and chic. You can add a matching necklace to this swimsuit to further enhance the already flattering design.


Ideal Body Type:

Contrary to popular belief, hourglass figures can look more appealing in one-piece swimsuits than in bikinis. This design can show off your curves even better than bikinis can and the low-cut design adds an extra factor of attractiveness, creating the perfect swimsuit for the curvy figure than many women aim to achieve.

So, now that you know how to choose a swimsuit that flatters your body, you are definitely more ready than ever to rock your swimsuit with well-deserved confidence this summer!

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