When hair goes wild

Posted On07 Nov 2012

The evening of 21st September evolved into one of the most glamorous nights in town.  The occasion of course, was the Splash AW12 fashion show, where models were dressed to set the ramp on fire. However, what caught our attention – causing the occasional gasp of disbelief – were the models’ extraordinary hairstyles.
So, off we went behind the scenes to take a closer look.

Empress inspired
The bent fishtail braid made a strong statement on the runway – this artistic creation has a Chinese-dynasties influence.
The addition of little dangling accessory at the end of the braid adds a regal touch to the final look.

Blast from the past
This creation might look more at home in The Louvre museum’s collection than at a fashion show.
This hairstyle looks like it was taken from the head of one of the ancient French queens.

Bling it on
Bling is in! And that goes for hair too. It seems that hair accessories are not just for schoolgirls, as this creation demonstrates.
When worn with such grace, a little glitter adds an extra dimension to any hairstyle.

Two buns
Want to get noticed? Try the two-bun approach to hairstyling. You’ll need to add hair extension for some volume,
then jazz things up a little to achieve an eye-catching wow effect.