Winter Style Guide

Posted On24 Oct 2013

Coats & Capes

The one thing you can definitely take advantage of during winter is the fact that you can buy as many jackets, overcoats and capes as you’d like! Not only are they super trendy but they revamp your entire look. You can create a vintage look in an instant or dress up or down an evening dress depending on the occasion; it’s entirely up to you! Make sure to invest in a bright and a dark colored one during winter so your outfit is never hanging on a monotone shade.


Snow White

If you don’t have a lot of white in your closet or don’t usually wear white, then this season is the right time to start doing it. Consider White being the new black and opt for a white biker jacket, a fur coat (you know you’ve always wanted one) and white boots as opposed to the monotonous black. Be different and incorporate a little color into your outfit or you can experiment with graphic prints instead.


Go layered & long!

Everyone looks forward to layers during winter and some of the best looks are created due to layering. Mater the art of layering and you’re set for the season! Invest in some slightly longer overcoats or easy buttoned jackets to really give you a very ‘strolling around in Europe’ kind of vibe. Experiment with boots of different lengths and go for darker colors. 


Look out for the next edition of our Autumn/Winter 2013 style guide so you’ll always be in style this season!