Essential Winter Accessories For The Ultimate Outfit

Posted On24 Nov 2014

Just because the weather is chilly doesn't mean you have to go all out of style.Layering is one of the best characteristics of winter outfits and it gives you the ability to effortlessly get a flawless look! Here are a few essential fashion accessories that can take your outfit from nay to yay.


It is important to stay warm on a cold and chilly day. This beaded scarf will amp up your outfit as it features pleats and a beautiful beaded design for an added appeal. You can find it at Splash for only AED 35.



Having a bad hair day? Beanies are the perfect excuse to cover up and look fab on a cold day out. These beanie caps feature seamless knitting and provide added comfort in winter. You can also choose your favorite color and fashion print for only AED 25 at Splash.



Even if the weather is cold, there are days when the sun shines bright and strong and what you need on such days is simple a pair of sunglasses to add a dash of style to your look. In general, sunglasses are worth an investment since you can use them all year long & during all seasons. Here are a few options that you can find at Splash for only AED 30.



The ultimate esssential during Fall is a pair of solid color gloves to keep you feeling warm and comfortable. Leather gloves are even an option when you're looking for a fancier look. A tip is ensure that the color of your gloves matches your coat or boots for a stylish appearance. Beat the winter chill gloves for only AED 30 at Splash.