Fashionista Duo beat the summer heat in style with Splash !!

Posted On02 Jun 2016

May and heat are a combination we wish didn’t go together. It’s safe to say, we all could do without some of the scorching heat. What wouldn’t we give to just ‘splash’ around in some water and cool ourselves from the intense heat! Cue Splash! If you love all things fashion and style, it’s difficult to not know about this amazing brand that has everything for your daily fashion fix.

We love the collections at Splash and are frequent shoppers of it as is evident from our daily Instagram OOTD’s.

Having everything under one roof, from a plethora of styles in denim to boho designs, to classic basics, Splash literally has it all and we quite literally swear by it. So, we teamed up with Splash to curate a special blog post so you could take on and battle out the summer in style. With the heat glaring on us in all its intensity, it’s only obvious that we go for light fabrics like cotton that helps you and your body breathe through the day. We mixed up the two and brought out some fun Indian boho prints out to play.

White being a summer classic had to be in our outfits. We love the color bursts that appear against the white and break the monotony of the outfit.

With some super stunning hints of that innate boho style with the embroidery or the tasseled tie-up, the outfits are not only perfect for the summer along with being totally casual chic but are just the right amount of breezy, comfortable and relaxed. Summer is no match for us.

We just beat it at its own game, and with style!