Fitness apps to keep you motivated

Posted On18 Mar 2013

We all know that a balanced diet and regular exercise is the key to leading a healthy and hearty lifestyle, but getting there needs non-stop motivation and support. We’ve all felt bored, burnt out or just plain lazy to get out that door and pound the pavement or hit the gym, and falling off the wagon is really easy when motivation is lost.

With the right tools and input, you can turn your smartphone into your very own trainer to keep you going and help you achieve your fitness goals. Check out these fantastic fitness apps that you can download on your smartphone

Instant Heart Rate

This app will take accurate pulse measurements by utilizing a smartphone’s camera to measure color changes in the tip of a pointer finger. Just click the “Measure” icon, cover your camera lens with your finger, and the app will track the rate of your heart beat! No more excuses stopping you from exercising!

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is a very simple way to work around the constraints of practicing yoga by bringing full yoga workouts to your smartphones. Simply roll out your mat and follow along with the poses on your phone.


FitRadio is a good option to cure bad music blues, offering a series of flowing mixed - playlists specifically designed to keep your heart rate pumping and you in the groove.