House organization DIY Blog post

Posted On17 Feb 2015

It’s still the beginning of the year and we’re all in an organization mode! There’s no better place to do that than your home. Remember, you can start with baby steps. In other words, think of simple and little changes that will affect your overall home decoration and organization. You can always transform the items you don’t need for a better purpose. Here are some of our favorite ways to get you started.
Hanging shoe racks
It’s such a hassle to find what you need if you store your cleaning supplies under the sink like most of us do. Here’s a smart alternatives! Try hanging a shoe rack on the back of the door for easy storage of your house cleaning products. 
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Magnetic rack
Another thing most of the ladies nag about is not keeping track of where the bobby pins are. Why not attach your hygiene tools to a magnetic rack? This way they will be accessible and organized and also you will get to ensure that they remain clean.
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Earring rack
Here’s a brilliant one for you fashionistas! Transform a bunch of wires to an earring rack. This way you will keep your accessories tangle free and easier to view and choose from.All you have to do is secure wires to the interior of an empty frame to get the perfect earring rack. 
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Cork Board
We all love having our favorite pictures and note cards posted as a souvenir! It definitely gives your house an appealing decoration! Make it personal by designing your own cork board and hanging your best memories on it. 
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