How to Wear a Scarf

Posted On07 Jan 2015

Scarves are unique fashion accessories that flexibly add a twist to your outfit and keep you warm on a cold chilly day. They are perfect if you like including layers in your outfit.  Also, you can wear the same scarf several times while having a completely different look since you can style it in different manners. They give your outfit a stylish twist along with an added touch of color and flair to take your outfit from simple to fabulous. If you want to spice up your outfit, you should check out these 4 different ways to wear a scarf this winter.


Loose Wrap - Traditional

Classic is gold! And there’s nothing wrong with following the simple look the scarf was initially intended to be used. All you have to do is fold and loop. Wrap the scarf around your neck then set the two ends freely down your shoulders. Make sure that the ends are not too long so the scarf doesn’t look sloppy. 


Layered Knot 

This is a practical and easy way to style your scarf during the winter and stay warm and protect your neck.  It is a great way to add some style to a classic outfit. All you have to do is fold the scarf in half by bringing the ends together, placing it around your neck, and then bringing the ends through the loop to create the “knot” effect.  This style allows you to adjust the size of the bow to give you the ultimate comfort and look.


The Triangle

If you are wearing a plain and simple outfit, then a triangle scarf is the key to perfectly master your look. Fold a square scarf in half to form a triangle then wrap; the ends around the back of your neck and let them hand down the front. Don’t go for a lot of accessories with this type of scarf to keep your look classy and elegant.


Double Loop

Place any scarf of your choice around your neck and make a figure 8 in the front. Then put the bottom loop over your head one more time and you will get a double loop look. This style is also called the infinity look and is ideal in winter.

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