Jet-set-go! Fashion tips for those who like to travel smart:

Posted On15 Aug 2012

Long queues, security checks and idly lounging around prior to takeoff can make even a short flight feel so long. In a bid to stay comfortable, many of our fellow flyers have embraced a decidedly casual dress code when they fly. Bah. At Splash, we won’t let flying stop us from looking our best.

Fashion Travel tips

Clothes: Travel fashion should be versatile and adaptable to a reasonably wide range of temperatures and conditions. Think layers, a traveller's best weapon when it comes to keeping warm and looking great. Furthermore, the more apparel you tie around your waist or throw over your shoulders, the fewer clothing items you need to ball up and stuff into your suitcase. Also, comfort is key; we learned our lesson from Lady Gaga, who took a transatlantic flight in 2010 wearing Alexander McQueen armadillo shoes and a wild outfit teeming with black and yellow tape. During the journey, Gaga began to experience symptoms of deep vein thrombosis (her legs were swelling up) and the cabin crew convinced her to change into something a little more comfortable. Ouch. If similar things are lurking in your closet, we hope you've chosen to reserve them for more appropriate occasions, like Halloween. Top tip: ditch the synthetic fabrics and choose loose, natural-fibre clothing.


Shoes:  To us, this is the most important item of clothing when it comes to flying fashion. You need pretty shoes that are comfortable. You don’t want to be walking around the airport with sore feet. Too, in some airports you have to take off your shoes for security checks. Yikes! Top tip: pick comfortable footwear such as trainers or boots and please, do wear matching socks that don’t have holes.


Bags: Pick one that holds all your possessions including your sweater, travelling documents, reading material, snacks and gadgets; you don’t want to carry things in your hands while you’re handling your passport. Top tip: make sure everything is easily accessible and leave your hands free for taking care of one item at a time or holding someone’s hand.


Now you’re ready to jet-set-go! Travel safe, stay stylish.