Posted On31 May 2016

Above all else, it’s love that unites us. In a world divided by race, gender, age and even culture, we are all looking for new ways to connect with one another. A way to celebrate our differences instead of judging each other, seeking compassion and connection, not differences and disunion.

That’s what makes fashion so special, it’s something that connects each and every one of us, it’s the bigger picture where each of us make up our own unique stroke. These are the qualities that define Splash, the diversity of our collection is inspired by individuality, allowing each of us to express ourselves however we see fit. Our fashion doesn’t discriminate; it unifies, creating a platform where our right to expression can flourish.

Our ‘Love Unites’ movement was the inspiration behind our latest campaign, hiring 6 models of different ethnicities from across the globe to feature our clothing, we want our customers to know that we embrace their differences and encourage them to do the same, uniting our fans, our community and our industry alike. It’s more than just a love for fashion, it’s a love for one another. So join our movement as we spread the word, creating a future that sees our differences as a strength, not a weakness. #LoveUnites.

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