Mod mode: Your super 60s-inspired style guide

Posted On11 Nov 2012

If you aren’t hip to the world of Mod, here’s the low-down: it’s a subculture that originated in London during the 50s, peaking in popularity during the swinging 60s. And like everything from the coolest decade ever, it’s making a comeback! So let Splash take you on a journey through Modsville – the do’s, the don’ts and the best ways to add a dose of Mod-style to your look. Enjoy.

The mod mane:
Back in the 60s blunt and bobbed hairstyles were all the rage – all of the A-listers were sporting them.
Here’s a look at the then and now.


Twiggy’s iconic hairstyle was short, sleek and cropped. The mod style perfectly complemented her big, beautiful eyes and slender body for a stunning look.


Twiggy’s hair-style has stood the test of time – today’s biggest stars are giving the look a modern twist, including A-listers such as Emma Watson, Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham. The concave bob is ahead in the style stakes right now – a classy and super-sleek take on the classic bob.

These magnificent mops are so simple to achieve, too. It’s amazing what a little volumising can do! So, for a stunning and easy-to-maintain hair-do go for a bob.


Mod fashion:
Fashion really took off in the ‘60s, and the era’s Mod style still influences many of today’s popular clothing trends. When it comes to Mod style, simple is good. Bright colours, floral designs and faded jeans are all in.

Jackie Kennedy rocked the hippie style just right. Her trademark hair flip matched her trendsetting minimalist clothing.

Prints are big – anything from leopard print to polka dots should help you achieve a look that stands out from the crowd. Check out Mila Kunis below – she knows how to give Mod fashion an up-to-date twist: a leopard print jacket, distressed denim, cutoffs and leggings – perfecto!