Revamp your look with belts and scarves

Posted On02 Aug 2012

You don’t have to spend endless amounts of money in a constant bid to stay trendy: new dresses, new tops, new skirts, new shoes…the list goes on. Instead of shopping for new outfits every week, try our tips on how to add a spark to your old outfits with the help of a favourite belt or scarf.



Have you ever felt that your little black dress is too plain and boring for a special night out? Adding a skinny leather waist belt will transform your simple look into a glamorous one by showing off your feminine curves.


If you want a casual-chic look, go for a low waist belt. Try elevating your denim jeans or shorts with a leopard print belt; you can also add any of this season’s exciting colors to your look with a tangerine, aqua or even a glossy golden low waist belt.



Brighten up a basic top by bringing out that scarf that’s been hanging in your closet: silk or crushed cotton, printed or plain, a scarf can make all the difference to your outfit. Throw it over your shoulders for a casual carefree look; tie the scarf tight around your neck for a sharp look; or leave it loose to add a hippy vibe to your outfit.


How do you accessorise with belts and scarves? Share your ideas with us.