Top 5 celebrity health secrets

Posted On06 Jul 2014

Celebrities always succeed at looking flawless, staying fit, and embracing healthy lifestyles that leave their fans wondering what their secret is. But you don’t need to wonder anymore! Today, we’ll expose some of celebrities’ biggest health secrets for this summer.


Try Out A Deep Cleanse

Actress Megan Fox drinks a mixture of water and raw apple cider vinegar.

“It cleans out your system entirely,” Megan says. “For women who retain water from your menstrual cycle, it ­gets rid of it really fast.”


Stay Hydrated

Jennifer Aniston’s number one health tip is: “Water, water, water! I drink three liters each day.”


Munch on multivitamins

Kelly Osbourne uses supplements to ensure she's getting the nutrients she needs. She was snapped with a Wellness Pack, which contains a 30-day supply of vitamins.



"I can't live without my vitamin B," says Penelope Cruz, who takes vitamin B supplements to control sweet cravings and improve her mood.


Keep it all natural

"One thing I've learned is less is more with make-up," says Beyonce.

So, which tips will you follow to look fabulous this summer?