Work Out in Style

Posted On14 Feb 2012


So you’re at the gym, sweating it out, red faced, your hair’s a mess... and you’re wearing an old, oversized t-shirt and shorts. It’s not the prettiest image, is it?


If you look the part, you’ll feel the part. If you make a style statement your next trip to the gym will leave you looking good and feeling great! Well-designed workout gear that fits your body is a sure way to make you look and feel more sporty, so you’ll be better equipped to face the rigors of the gym.


Here are a few tips on upping your fitness fashion game:


  • Bright colours lift your mood and make you feel more feminine. Try a little colour blocking mix ‘n’ match.
  • Instead of resorting to baggy clothes, wear pieces that stretch; they’re comfortable, figure-flattering and don’t hide your body – it’s good to watch the weight disappearing before your eyes.
  • Tracks can be a girl’s best gym friend; they look good on all body shapes and are comfortable for any workout.
  • As with all clothes, fit is extremely important - constantly pulling up straps or your waistband during a workout is a disruption you can do without.


Once you’ve made the decision to get your body fit, it’s time to face the hard work of getting into shape. Looking good means feeling good so now is the perfect time to improve your style at the gym. Y’ll be less likely to miss a workout if you have a cute outfit to show off!