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Beyond spiritual significance, Ramadan is also a time to spend profound, joyous moments with friends and family. It is a time when your social calendar is swamped with invites as no day goes without a celebration. There are only a few styles that come close to a kaftan in integrating modest fashion with comfort and glam – making them the perfect attire for the season. Flowy, expressive, and complementing every woman – kaftans take care of your day-to-night dressing while offering comfort with their airy silhouette as the Middle East sun shines brighter every day.


Whether you want embellishments, floral prints, or a luxe design set in abstract patterns—here are the 10 best kaftan styles from Splash to invest in this Ramadan.  





Intricate beadwork, delicate sequins, and elaborate embroidery—embellished kaftans are the most desirable choices for special and formal iftars. Rooted in heritage and deft in craftsmanship, an embellished kaftan is the one you need if your agenda for the evening includes charming the crowd.





Befitting a Ramadan in springtime, floral kaftans blossom with a lively, delicate charm. Perfect daywear, these easy-to-style kaftans are elegant, fuss-free, and fresh.


All-over Prints



A fresh take of luxe maximalism, these gorgeous kaftans go big on prints to make a memorable soiree even more unforgettable. There is no holding back joy, style, or celebration in these fabulous kaftans.





With a sheer, billowing silhouette that evokes glamour and festive flair, these bright kaftans are the most versatile styles you can have in your Ramadan closet right now.


Whether you are the hostess of the party or her dear guests, these kaftans are perfect for iftars. Spoil yourself with all the color choices available at Splash.


Collar Kaftan



Craving a break from the busy social events this month? These laid-back collar kaftans with side slits will keep your styling woes away. A don-and-done outfit perfect for simple family gatherings, lounging at home, a busy day at work, or even sleeping in – these are the chicest choices for a quiet day in the month of Ramadan.


Midi Kaftan



A versatile day look that looks playful yet poised, these textured midi-length kaftans make Ramadan dressing a joyous affair. Easy to accessorize with a pair of heels or hoop earrings, these kaftans meet modernity and tradition midway.





A smart overlap kaftan that ends at a flattering T-length is just the thing you need to bring the spirit of Ramadan to your workday. Easily styled as an evening dress, this is a choice that you don’t have to limit to just the holy month.


Maxi with waist tie



Want to take your kaftan game a notch further? These regal maxi kaftans do just that. These beauties come with a cinched waist adding dimension to the breezy silhouette to make you look like a million bucks on your next outing.


Love knot



Achieve the perfect evening look with these dreamy kaftans knotted by the heart. With their captivating soft hues and shimmers, these magnificent kaftans have rightly earned their place on your Ramadan wish list.