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There are times when you look at your wardrobe and ask yourself, “Why so serious?” If you are stuck in one such fashion rut, it is time to get tickets to the Splash Character Fest. This new collection guarantees your wardrobe a graphic makeover with Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Garfield, and all your favorite characters bringing their irresistible charm.


Think long-line shirts, soft fleece sweats, funky co-ords, nightwear, and everyday basics – we have added some character to all of them. With creative visuals, cosplay-like theatrics, and pockets full of nostalgia, the collection is sure to get you animated and excited to get dressed every day.


So, pick your avatar and join the Splash Character Fest today!


Celestial Beings

If you, like us, are more into anime than cartoons, you will get your fashion fix from this exclusive anime-inspired collection. The Celestial Collection is a mesmerizing fusion of cosmic inspiration and Y2K aesthetics. Each character in this collection personifies the celestial bodies in the universe—the sun, moon, planets, stars, constellations, and beyond. Drawing from the captivating worlds of manga and anime, these characters transcend the realms of the virtual world to add personality to your wardrobe.


Fun & Fandom

If cute is your vibe, you are going to be happy to know that the collection is filled with adorable co-ord sets featuring your favorite childhood pals—from Snoopy to Mickey to Bugs Bunny. Extremely stylish and with an affable charm, these co-ords are perfect for lounging at home or adding effortless chicness to your evenings out. 


A T-shirt Kinda Day

There is no dull day when you wake up and wear a t-shirt with Mickey Mouse saying, "Let’s roll."

Whether you're in the mood for classic Disney charm or the laid-back vibes of the peanut gang and the lasagna-loving Garfield, these T-shirts have your back. And hey! We didn't forget our anime aficionados. You are sure to discover plenty of anime-inspired t-shirts in the collection to satisfy your otaku cravings.


Cozy Layers 

Like a warm hug from your favorite character, the collection includes sweatshirts and hoodie sets featuring iconic characters. They're not just cozy; they are perfect for lounging at home and snuggling up with a good anime series. So, prepare to conquer the cold with your toon gang and continue to turn heads wherever you go.


Shirt Dresses

Want to inject a bit of fun into your casual outfits? These shirt dresses, with their subtle graphics, are perfect for flaunting your fandom with finesse. Pair them with leggings, sneakers, or your favorite anime-themed accessories – they're versatile, comfy, and effortlessly stylish.


Sweet Slumber

Who says bedtime is just for boring PJs? Not in our world! The night dresses and PJs from this collection are like slumber party invitations from your favorite characters. Picture yourself snoozing with Snoopy or having a Garfield-approved catnap – it's a dream come true for every character fan! Just don’t blame us if you feel too cozy to wake up on time the next morning!