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Global Recycling Day

With climate change impacting so many parts of the planet, as citizens of the Earth we must do everything in our power to go green. Indeed, recycling plays a big role in this, and countries like Germany managed to find ways for their people to take responsibility for managing their household waste. The people there keep over 60% of their garbage from the landfills, which is quite impressive! 


March 18th marks the Global Recycling Day, the goal of which is to educate individuals, businesses, and communities to commit to the idea of recyclables as resources, and not waste. So, if people start thinking of recyclables in the same way they think of water and air, then we must not throw it away for nothing, but make ourselves familiar with the process of recycling and turn it into a habit.


We get it…, sometimes recycling seems a little hectic and it’s easier to just toss that plastic bottle straight into the trash bin. However, when you decide to recycle it, you’re helping the Earth tremendously! Although one might think that their recycling efforts alone won’t be making much of a difference, that is not the case in the long run. So, what are you waiting for?


Save the planet. Start recycling.


Love the Planet.