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Holidays are on the horizon, and it is finally time to fold away your workwear and get packing! While you swap the doldrums of waking up every day to your alarm with stirring up to the sound of gentle waves, your wardrobe too needs a wake-up call!

The new Splash holiday collection brings on the heat with a curated collection of holiday essentials that is ready for some serious fun. Streetwear-inspired silhouettes, dopamine colors, and breezy fabrics that keep you feeling light and cool— this drop is sure to encourage you to turn on your vacay mode.

Check out the fashion highlights below for all the inspo you need to book the tickets to your dream escapade. Bon voyage, homies!


Sorbet Splash

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Want to pack a punch? Say no, thank you to all your boring muted tones. Embrace colors you have only seen on an icy, delectable sorbet with this fresh holiday edit. Ombre tees, cool camp shirts that double as a breezy overlay, and beach-ready, denim-washed shorts— here is everything you need, Mr. Cool!


Beigey Dunes

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Renouncing your neutrals for colors is easier said than done. So, why not just have some fun with them instead? These new and nuanced choices challenge the status quo of beige being equal to boring. Don’t believe us? Check out the swagger that these beige-on-beige styles bring! 

Tropical prints, delicate embroidery and subtle accents like textures and stripes, with relaxed tailoring, take your resort style a whole notch higher. If you are wondering how to add a touch of refinement, a pair of sunnies and a bucket hat are the only accessories you will need to soak up some sun in style.


Blooming Blues

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Vacation is a time for no Monday blues unless we are talking about your wardrobe. Here are the perfect vacay picks in varied shades of blue to serve a look every time you step out – whether catching a plane, meeting friends at an after-dusk party, or taking a solo stroll by the beach. From floral details to nautical stripes to solid tees and preppy jackets— we see these stylish choices making a splash on your dream vacation.