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Occasion by Raza Beig: Handpicked, handcrafted with Love.

Splash unveils a new chapter of sartorial elegance with a limited-edition collection born under the creative direction of Raza Beig. Weaving a rich tapestry of elegance, Occasion is a curated, handpicked collection that pays homage to Splash’s customers who have supported and inspired the brand’s evolution with unwavering loyalty. The collection is an embodiment of the promise Splash has kept—to render style and elegance at a price that is within the reach of all.  


A collection inspired by one of Splash’s oldest patrons.

Following the resounding success of Starter and Echo Unlimited, Occasion is designed by Raza Beig in response to a request made by one of the oldest patrons of the brand. The customer, while sharing her admiration for the brand and the beautiful dresses from Splash that she had worn over the years, expressed her desire to have her daughters also experience the same joy and elegance at an affordable price. In her gentle words, Raza found the inspiration and a muse to create a collection that brought back the timeless splendor of Splash’s beautifully crafted occasion wear, and he embarked on a journey to sculpt something extraordinary— a limited edition collection that shimmers like a jewel in the heart of this season.


Beauty in every stitch

Each piece in the collection, a symphony of love and devotion, is a masterpiece. Handcrafted and made with meticulous craftsmanship, the collection is an interplay of modern silhouettes and traditional artisanal accents. These iconic dresses, designed with hand-beaded embellishments and decadent detailing, are heirlooms to be cherished and bestowed from one generation to another.

Here, in this realm, beauty knows no bounds. The shapes and forms of this collection have been conjured with the deft touch of a magician whose creative genius breathes beauty into every thread. They are not mere clothes; they are portals to a world where every woman can embody her unique allure, her innate charm, and be her glamourous and powerful self without inhibitions. Be it a rara-dress or a long maxi— they can be styled as evening gowns or switched up with a jacket. The dresses have an endearing lightness and modernness to their silhouettes, which allows you to wear them across all occasions.


Every day – a special Occasion

Every stitch, every fold, and every detail of the collection is a labor of love, set to delight the old and new customers of the brand alike. Whether you are someone who has been wearing Splash for the last 30 years or a wide-eyed teen ready to shop her first dress— here’s to making every occasion a special one! 


The limited-edition occasion collection is now available to shop at select Splash stores across the Middle East, where you can experience their magnificence in person. You can also explore and shop the collection from the comfort of your home on www.splashfashions.com.