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Staring into the horizon from the comfort of a beach, water really does seem like an endless resource. This may be the case; however fresh and clean water is a limited resource. Look around us, it's hard to even name an activity that does not require water. Many believe that our water supply is infinite. But the truth is, it's quite the opposite. It is important that we must not pollute our water as many don’t realize just how important and scarce water is.


97% of the Earth's water is saltwater, while only 2% of earth's freshwater supply is locked in our ice caps and glaciers. So, yes wasting water does directly impact us and the environment surrounding us. Let's explore the deeper reasons why water wastage is a real issue at hand:


Humanity - Only 0.3% of all freshwater on the planet is readily available as surface water in lakes, swamps, rivers and streams. Taking into account the rising population, freshwater is a vital resource that over 600 million people don’t even have any clean or safe access too.


Nature - Other than us, there are many different species that rely on freshwater for their survival. Thus, diverting freshwater from their environments directly threatens their populations, making them end up on a list of endangered animals. Also, freshwater is used heavily for agricultural and livestock use, affecting humans on a food scarcity level.


Ecology - You may not know this, but non-renewable fossil fuels are required for the process of water filtration to make it drinkable. Unsurprisingly, this contributes to our carbon footprint and Earth’s rising temperatures. Hence, relying on filtering polluted water is not the most sustainable solution.


Well then, you may be able to see water as far as your eye can reach... But let’s keep in mind how much of it is actually available for our consumption. After all, there are many ways for us to help reduce our water wastage, so let’s keep learning together and help save our home planet!


Blog written by Aruka BoredPuma.

Art made by Mouss BoredPuma.