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Splash Defines Staycation

Whether you’ve spent lockdown dreaming of sandy beaches or your itinerary revolves around visiting the best culinary spots and cultural landmarks in your city, then this Splash Staycation Guide is an ideal way for you to experiment with your looks while paying closer attention to the impact you create on our planet.


But first, find those dresses or shirts that have been hanging in your wardrobe ever since you switched to the more casual home wear and combine them with your eco-friendly pieces from Splash to complete your new sustainable look! Now you’re ready to discover what makes your mini holidays truly sustainable. In Splash we try to consider as many aspects of sustainability as we can, which means that this year our definition of “Sustainable Staycation” evolves around planning an eco-friendly “Splashcation”.


Holidays at home


In unusual times like this many of us may have discovered that their home countries have a lot to offer when it comes to short holidays. That idea already makes your vacation eco-friendlier since you may find yourself supporting your local businesses, reducing your transport emissions, avoid unnecessary purchases, and of course connecting with your home nature.




When you’re out to eat in local cafes/restaurants or getting some food delivery to your staycation spot, see how you can avoid using plastic, or bring your own reusable utensils which is even more hygienic! And during these hot days don’t forget to take your reusable bottle on any journey.



Less Waste


Whatever you decide to do, remember that minimizing the level of any type of waste you produce creates a positive impact on the planet. So apart from reducing your plastic addiction, explore other areas of where you can switch to reusability for a long term. For example, take your reusable bags, containers, utensils, toiletry bottles, and many more!


You may feel like you look silly to the person next to you, but you’re setting a great example for others while helping our planet to stay healthy for longer.


Love the Planet.

Blog written by Aruka Boredpuma.