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Silver a soldier

Silver is known to everyone as a major component used in creating jewellery and adornments, doing its job of being shiny and polished perfectly well! But did you know that there’s more to silver than just what meets the eye? Let’s find out just how beneficial and versatile pure silver can be!


More than what meets the eye

Silver jewellery carries with it a sense of class like no other, but the science behind pure silver runs much deeper! In fact, for a very long time Silver has been known to possess extraordinary antimicrobial properties – yes, really! Before the birth of antibiotics, it was commonly used as a germ-killing antimicrobial. Being a great bacteria fighter comes with many perks such as activating a hygiene formula to fight any bacteria coming from the surface of your skin in the form of sweat.


So the next time you want to don this solid mustard yellow polo t-shirt, you know you have nothing to worry about!


Incorporation into textiles

Due to its antibacterial properties, silver is much more important than what we think and better yet, it does not change the look or feel of what you’re wearing! A true win-win situation.

For instance, take a look at this pink t-shirt with a mock neck and long sleeves, it’s trendy, chic and so in style but it also has anti-bacterial properties thanks to the silver component!


For a quick run to the gym or to pick up your much-needed dose of coffee for the day, this black round neck t-shirt also has an antibacterial finish.


Technical finish

Now that you’ve learnt just how beneficial silver is, rest assured you’ll be wearing clothes that provide a long-lasting, clean and odour free effect. This is a globally recognized anti-bacterial technology, so you’ll be fighting bacteria even while wearing this comfortable padded bra and lace detailed hipster briefs!

You’ll remain fresh and productive all day.


How do you spot this?

The next time you’re at any Splash Fashions store, the following tag is what you need to look for! These are the clothes that come with an antibacterial finish.