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Campus vibes: back to school in style

The break is almost over, and it's time to say hello to another school term filled with excitement, hangouts, and all-nighters spent cramming for a test and hanging out with your BFFs. But, before you get ahead and exchange your summer vacay stories, there’s just one thing that needs to be decided: what to wear on your first day back to school?


Well, leave the trouble to us! Here are our top picks from the freshly pressed and primed Splash back-to-school collection to keep you looking stylish all year round. Packing the excitement of being back on campus in a collection that has stylish and comfy written all over, these looks take you from Monday to Friday and more. 


Let’s get stylish from the first bell. What say, squad? 


First Impression matters

It goes without saying that you need to dress for the part on your first day. It doesn’t matter if your vision board for the new school term has you scoring straight A’s or upping your social standing by serving stylish looks— there is a timeless elegance that monochrome dressing renders. Assertively preppy yet cute, a smart vest, a crisp white shirt, and straight wide-legged pants are the shopping essentials you need on your checklist. Mix and match these pieces to create versatile looks that exude insta-cool varsity charm.


Denim Days 

If our Uni days have taught us something: life does indeed get busy on campus, and sometimes you need to turn a blind eye to the chair piling with clothes in the corner-- silently waiting for laundry day. Thankfully, we have the faithful denims to the rescue. A staple that gets you dressed and ready to go in an instant, denim has been the unofficial dress code for years. Wear them distressed, washed, high-waisted, or ripped— the only rule here is – don’t make them boring!


Text back

An on-trend look that gets A+ on flair is a little print-on-print moment. Between formal parties, hangouts, and busy Monday mornings – here are the graphic pieces that could up the stakes of your style game. NB: These are strictly for the cool kids who are not afraid to make a bold fashion statement!


Casuals to chill

Believe us when we say that you need a stack of tees to survive the evenings. With impromptu plans that involve hangouts by the basketball court or performing a balancing act on skates— casual looks paired with fresh denim and clean sneakers are one for the win. Don’t forget to choose a graphic denim jacket from the collection that lets you get creative while layering your casual looks.


Backpack for the go

Now that we finished with the looks, next comes accessories. The finishing touch to any cool look is an equally cool backpack to carry your school supplies. Featuring playful prints, patterns, and even your favorite cartoon characters, the newly launched collection includes stylish essentials that will pack your world – from your books to bento lunch boxes – in roomy and effortless style.