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Behind The Scenes

It is the 21st Century, and everyone has a voice, and our consumers do not hesitate to use theirs. As a brand, a retailer, and a manufacturer, we hear lots of muffled sounds at first, then some noise, and soon enough the loudest sound heard is of The Dangers of Fast Fashion and Unethical Sweatshops.

The prominent phrase ‘sweatshops’, first coined in the year 1850, gained its peak prominence in the year 2013 after the Rana Plaza incident. It was not just the building that shook, rather, the whole fashion industry was taken by a storm. A storm of questions.

Here is where everyone paused and listened to the noise that was previously only ‘heard’. The fashion industry, earlier shaken at its feet, began its work on ‘Behind the Scenes’. Sustainable Supply Chain, Manufacturing Compliance, and labor laws, all became the stardoms of what we call the Ethical Sourcing campaign. What came good was the need to comply with the social and environmental laws, and to have a moral responsibility.


Splash’s take on Social Responsibility


There is a story behind everything….. Your much-awaited dress, that classy black shirt, your new day’s casual denim look, and even a comfy pyjama look. Every stitch and cut in your clothing has a special story behind it.


These stories are what we call “Behind the Scenes”.


It has been years since the Rana Plaza Incident, but the impact has only strengthened our zero-tolerance policy. We have always partnered with complaint factories that work towards the welfare of their employees and the environment.

“We care about what we produce and how we produce it.”


A LEED-certified headquarter, a Green Warehouse, Energy-Efficient stores, and 3rd Party Accredited certified Manufacturers, altogether help us in making our Supply chain more and more ethical. Splash is eager to focus on the product as well as in the making of the product in a more socially and environmentally responsible manner.



Our duty does not end at the doorstep of Verifying bodies, rather, we have taken initiatives that would assess our suppliers on their sustainability index & performance. Throughout our supply chain, partners are encouraged to invest more in innovative, economical, and sustainable technologies. We ensure that we are working with ethical suppliers and factories with fair wages, good working conditions, certifications, accreditations, and modern Health and safety regulations. Splash also maintains a strict No Child labor policy and restricts the use of 225 hazardous Chemicals as part of its quality policy.

It is astounding to note how complex the apparel supply chain can be. Ensuring the well-being of every person throughout the convoluted chain becomes more and more difficult. It is not a one-time task, but rather a journey of continuous developments toward ethical sourcing.

Our makers work endlessly to ensure perfection in every individual garment. Good days bring zero errors, while bad days bring some redoes. What does never happen is their energy dropping to zero. With the help of several 3rd Party agencies, we feel assured of their well-being and their happiness. We have listened to every critic raised and have worked tirelessly to ensure that the people who work towards the success of SPLASH feel contented.

So, next time when you enter the splash store and pick up a product, bring your charming smile on, for the person who created it is taken care of.