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This year, our Back to Campus collection is set to beget an old-school charm. By giving a masterful revival to the scholarly, exclusive, and elite fashion of the 80’s prep school cliques, our preppy styles bring you sophistication with a generous side of fun. Think tailored suits, tweed jackets, crisp button-downs, and oversized layers – we are bringing preppy back and how!


Whether you are a teen gearing up to slay your first day of college or a fashionista who is steeped in the excitement of the school year, or just a fan of the trend— you are sure to find the essential pieces to score an A+ on our fashion meter this academic year, below.


Classic Academia – tailored and primed

Bringing a new wave of Y2K fashion, classic academia includes tailored pieces needed to build your preppy wardrobe. Though a nod to men’s suiting, the silhouettes have a feminine edge, thanks to the flared hems, vintage lapels, and elegant necklines.


Smart Dressing – keeping it casual yet elevated

Softly tailored, classic silhouettes peppered with polka dots and pops of green— these beauties are instant pick-me-ups you need in your closet. These easy-to-style mainstays are perfect for formal mixers and school days; add a cute headband, and you are ready to channel your inner Blair Waldorf!


Tailored Prep - we mean business

These are the strictly formal essentials that embody everything fascinating about preppy style; it’s modern, sophisticated, and yet glamorous. These blazer-style blouses and key layering pieces can be worn as overlays with tank tops or as statement pieces to jazz up your ensemble. Pair them with trousers that include flared hems, and you are all set to take your prep to the next level.


Timeless knits – one from the rule book

If you're looking to build a solid prep wardrobe, knitwear in classic heritage patterns such as gingham, tweed, and plaid is a great place to start. These pieces serve as versatile transitional options that can carry you through the colder seasons. Additionally, their timeless designs exude a sense of old-world elegance and sophistication, almost like a treasured family heirloom. To complete your outfit, try pairing these knits with flattering leggings or a pleated skirt.


Out of character - mix and match

Enhance your preppy wardrobe with some playful character tees and shirts. Don't let the preppy style restrict your creativity; feel free to add these fun and unique pieces that showcase your beloved characters to your college shopping. Mix and match them with dress pants, skirts or even leggings to create stylish and trendy looks.


Track and field – no sweat!

From activewear to training bras to performance wardrobes that let you show off your athletic bone, there’s a preppy style to suit your every need in the new Splash Back to Campus edit. While track wear comes in monochrome colors with distinctive branding, the after-hours wardrobe lets you lounge in everything sweet, beautiful, and comfy.