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Ed Hardy x Splash: It’s Always Y2K Season

It’s not difficult to notice that Y2K is being unanimously muttered within the world of fashion. With high-octane millennium glam making it to runways, Ed Hardy remains in the thick of this trend, giving premium high-street vibes to add a little heat wave of nostalgia.


Ed Hardy has always been known to diverge from mainstream culture, with emphatic original tattoo prints and streetwear cuts that spell experimentation and evolution for the millennials and Gen Z alike. Reclaiming this idea in 2023, Splash Fashions has launched a brand new co-branded collection that dips its toes into the fusion of conventional Americana tattoos and the ukiyo-e woodblock printing style.


The early Y2K style reboot has led to a capsule collection containing selections of graphic t-shirts, statement hoodies, relaxed sweat dresses and more, all boasting of an era filled with body art and alt music. While the entire line-up has a playful feel to it, the pieces breathe fresh air into the fire that Ed Hardy has been sweltering since the early 2000’s.


Here is an exclusive first look into the collection that puts you right in the centre of the Y2K-esque trends.


Ed Hardy x Splash Hoodies


The prints pay homage to a world of art defined by rebellion and aesthetics. With prominent designs on both the front and the back, these hoodies make it easy to create a splash at every concert, party, or even coffee run you go for.


Ed Hardy x Splash Sweat Dresses


These sweat dresses make enough noise for you to pair with minimalistic sneakers for a casual look and go big with accessories that speak for themselves to bring back your 2000s cool girl energy.


Ed Hardy x Splash T-Shirts


We’re talking rhinestones, glitter, glamour and maximalism, just as the original cult brand had imagined fashion since its inception. You can complete your 2023 style by pairing these tees with relaxed or low-rise denim jeans, depending on how hot it is outside.


Ed Hardy x Splash Sweatshirts


Embrace the cold breeze of the desert and exude vibrance, versatility and, above all, vintage vibes adorning the unmistakable Ed Hardy designs. Here’s to catapulting immortal pieces of fashion right from the archives to your wardrobe.