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Responsible Viscose: the origin story

In our journey to becoming the largest homegrown fashion retailer in the region, our commitment to sustainability has always been a driving force. While it all began from a place of love for fashion, our greatest love has always been toward our planet and people. To do better every day means that we are at the wheel when it comes to using innovation to bring about positive changes to industry to create a circular, closed-loop system.     


Did you know that about 150 million trees are logged and turned into fabric every year? If placed end to end, these trees would circle our earth's equator 7 times over.


Thus began our quest for better alternatives that could give you the same delightful choices but with lesser consequences for the forest and planet. Cotton became better cotton, biodegradable materials replaced plastics, and more importantly, we found raw materials that are sustainable alternatives to cotton like viscose and Tencel.


What is Viscose?

Viscose is a soft, drapey fabric made from cellulose or pulp from regenerative trees like eucalyptus and pine. If the word viscose doesn’t ring a bell, you are sure to know it by its more commonly used name – rayon. From dresses to shirts to skirts, you are sure to find at least one cherished piece of clothing in your wardrobe made of this silk-like fabric. Because viscose in itself is non-toxic and its manufacturing causes lesser carbon emission, viscose has been touted as a sustainable replacement for cotton. But oftentimes sustainable viscose isn't always sustainable; given the growing demand for viscose in the fashion industry, much of the viscose is produced using chemically intensive processes that have grave consequences on the environment and local communities. So, how do we at Splash ensure that the viscose we use meets the criteria for being environmentally positive and sustainable? Enter responsible Viscose – our assurance of transparency and traceability from forest to rack for your viscose garments.



When Viscose became responsible Viscose

At Splash, we believe that it is not just the after-impact of the fibers that we should worry about, but rather the impact of its complete lifecycle. Though viscose is biodegradable, manufacturing can deplete forest reserves, and the chemicals used have damning effects. To counter this effect, Splash exclusively uses only FSC-certified viscose sourced from sustainably managed plantations for our garmets.


FSC-certified viscose uses low-toxicity solvents for the treatment of wood pulp and is recycled in a closed-loop process. The produced fibers are 100% biodegradable and cause less carbon emission. 


By advocating sustainable forestry, we strive to balance the needs of the environment, wildlife, and forest communities while conserving our forests for future generations. These conscious changes are landmarks on our sustainability journey. By initiating systemic changes that lead to a new order where exceptional fashion and sustainability go hand in hand, we are creating fashion with a purpose that’s close to your heart and ours. So, next time you pick that oh-so-cute viscose dress from Splash, know that you made a choice that will make the planet happy.