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Fashion is inspired from its surroundings. It connects the people it drapes and lives among them. It gives them voice and expression. Splash Connects is Splash Fashions’ effort to connect with and bring these multitudinous voices to the fore and feature their myriad talents.


Designed for the community and modelled by its real people and talent, Splash Connects in its launch casts its spotlight on sports and fitness professionals.


Thea Abou Diwan

Thea, who we would like to call the ‘Ice Princess’ is a young, bright, ambitious and talented 13-year-old figure skater based in Dubai. Thea is a part of the UAE National Team for ice skating. At her tender age of 13, she has already been a stupendous achiever and won numerous medals in various international competitions in Europe as a proud representative of the UAE. We styled her in Splash Fashions’ sportswear specifically made to adapt to her performance as an extraordinary figure skater. We wish her all the luck support her dream to represent UAE in the Olympics.


Piotr Kopacz

Piotr is an artist, coach and creative director who specializes in acrobatics, aerial arts and head-balancing.  He has been a part of the Polish National Tumbling Team and participated in multiple national and international competitions including the European Championships. Piotr performances merge aerial acrobatics and visual aesthetics. This integration is a dynamic demonstration of aerial acrobatics perfected with aesthetics, strength and agility, and refined to the highest degree. We styled Piotr from our activewear collection which exhibits these qualities of boldness and resilience, and which resonates with his confidence.


Thalia Valtierra

Thalia is a gifted pole dancer who can "dance on the floor and up in the air" and that's her superpower! She is an accomplished artist skilled in multiple styles of dance, aerial arts, contortion and pole fitness. After professionally performing on stage since the age of 16, she has refined her art form to a beautiful degree. She has performed on world stages, judged for international competitions, and even coached professional competitors. The choice of clothing for her was to accommodate the elegance of her art and to highlight the beauty of it with style.


Majid El Hajj

Majid is a professional dancer and is a part of the first afro-beat dance crew in the entire Middle East known as the Moto Dancers. Performing and choreographing for many internationally renowned artists and ceremonies, the Moto Dancers have unwavering drive and ambition. Majid’s style of contemporary dancing fuses different styles of traditional African dance together and every performance feels like a celebration to him. Paving the road to excellence for dancers in the Middle East and worldwide with his inspiring passion and energy, Majid loves wearing Splash Fashions’ activewear which helps him feel comfortable and aids him in exuding confidence, feeling and character in his performances.


Dina Cassir Kfoury

Dina is a yoga, pilates, and aerial hammock instructor based in Dubai. A mother of two and a student of History of Art and Archeology, Dina’s real passion lies in learning about the human anatomy and science. She always inspires and motivates her students to harmonize with their own body and its innate rhythm. Even after being a specialist in her field for over 12 years, she is still determined to explore more about the potential of the human body. When we got an opportunity to meet her and watch her do what she does best, we styled her in Splash Fashions’ activewear made from recycled polyester perfect for talented individuals like her who are constantly moving, are always proactive and never stop learning.