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In a groundbreaking fusion of stylish fashion and athletic functionality, the two trendsetters – Splash and Starter, have come together to create a Back to Campus collection that redefines athleisure for the better. A shining symbol of sporting royalties - Starter, with its conspicuous Star logo, has been worn by the greats of the NFL and NBA. 


A collaboration that emulates the spirit of the legions of Starter fans with elevated sportswear-inspired style, each of the carefully curated looks is a nod to the fandom, design genius, and expert sartorial detailing that blur the lines between athletic wear and everyday fashion. 


From stylish crew neck t-shirts to joggers to accessories, including caps, socks, and backpacks— here’s your Back to Campus starter pack to hit a home run this college season.


A play of Color and Texture

­­The collaboration's color palette ranges from bold and vibrant to understated and elegant, catering to the preferences of all fashion sensibilities. Color block patterns, reflective accents, and strategic logo branding add dynamic textures, elevating the visual appeal of each piece. Whether it's a monochromatic ensemble or a mix-and-match outfit, the edit encourages creativity and self-expression, with the distinctive Starter Star logo shining bright at the heart of the collection.


Unleashing the Power of Athleisure with a side of Nostalgia

The collection celebrates the spirit of athleisure, where comfort meets style and performance meets flair. From the constructs of the classroom to the football field to an evening out with friends, the collection is a testament to the busy campus life, manifesting every young individual's desire for versatile clothing that effortlessly transitions from one activity to another. With designs like the classic baseball shirts, the strong Starter DNA transforms sports culture into fan culture and ultimately to pop culture that can be enjoyed by sports enthusiasts and fashion enthusiasts alike.


Look for the Stars

The SPLASH x Starter collection doesn't just stop at performance. It's a celebration of individuality and self-expression. Each piece is infused with a touch of urban attitude, embracing soft colors, dynamic patterns, and eye-catching, relaxed silhouettes that reflect the vibrant energy of campus life.


Not just the clothes, but the accessories too pack enough swagger with their effortlessly cool designs. Whether you decide to flaunt your style with a snapback Starter-branded cap perched on your head or step up your footwear game with a little glimpse of Starter peeking on your socks or pack up on the cool quotient with a cutting-edge backpack— this edit lets you stride through campus with confidence.

Catch the exclusive Splash X Starter collection, now available in-store and online at Splashfashions.com.