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#BetterDenims with a sustainable upgrade

Well, there is seldom a closet that does not hold a pair of denim that has seen you through seasons. A staple, a savior, and the bedrock of a functional wardrobe – denim is a timeless classic that you can't have too many. But finding the perfect denim is no easy task, and that's why you need this collection crafted by the experts.

Depending on your style, frame, and level of the desired comfort—there are plenty of fresh styles in this new edition. But, before all that, let us put our fashion conscience to ease: these amazing denim choices are 100% sustainable! This means your favorite pair of denim are eco-friendly and does not adversely affect the earth or its people. So, on that happy note, let’s roll up our flare and find your dream denim.


Skinny Fit

The OG denim that will never outgrow your style, skinny fit is one cut that complements every man and woman. While it ensures a svelte silhouette with the illusion of long legs, a skinny fit is also a great accompaniment to most tops. Paired with casual tees, oversized shirts, or sweaters – a pair of skinnies give you the cinched-in, flattering effect that will instantly jazz up your outfit.


Flared up

Hello! It’s the 70’s calling! The retro flare has a fresh update to add a youthful twist to your wardrobe. Designed for the young and old alike – this style channels a timeless charm that works well with any body type. The flared legs ensure that the denim lends an envious silhouette to your off-duty looks. Cropped, distressed, or the true-blue retro – there is so much theatrical flair in these fan-favourite jeans.


Baggy fits

Denim meets luxe comfort in these baggy styles that have a cavalier sense of joy around them. Made popular by rappers and artists, these relaxed fits come with the highest street cred. This is an all-weather companion that can be sported on formal occasions and casual outings— so, make sure to check out the different styles available in the collection before you land on your dream denim.


Wide Legged

Wide leg Splash

If effortlessness is your fashion mantra, you need to get these wide-legged stunners ASAP! Fresh off the runways, this wide-leg denim is going to be the showstopper for many fashion seasons to come. If you are seeking comfort that does not sell you short on style, these wide-leged knockouts are just the thing you need in your shopping list. Bonus: they are super flattering!


Mom Jeans

Don’t call them the ‘errand denim’ for these mom jeans have a classy elegance that makes them the perfect pants to style with an array of outfits. A versatile cut that pairs a trench coat, white tee, or even a silk blouse well—there is no dissing this style as dated. And, hey! who can forget the comfort and ease of movement that you enjoy in this denim.


Super Skinny

If big and baggy is not your style, then you need these super skinnies in your denim roaster. Giving you a painted-on effect with legs that go on for days, these beauties know all about creating a flattering silhouette. Want to up the oomph on your style? Give the edgy, ripped design a chance, and you are all set to make every day your stylish best.